Capital Markets provides integrated global markets products and services, investment banking advisory and execution, corporate banking and top-ranked research to corporate, government and institutional clients around the world.

Our business strategy

Our goal is to be the leading Capital Markets franchise in Canada and the lead relationship bank for our key clients globally by delivering best-in-class insight, advice, execution and innovation.

2016 progress

In 2016, we made good progress on our strategy.

Strengthen and expand leadership positions in Canada

  • Continued to hold leadership positions in syndicated loans, debt and equity underwriting, advisory services, equity trading, commodities and foreign exchange.
  • Launched specialized new advisory teams to add value for clients in the areas of technology and innovation, private capital, and corporate finance solutions.
  • Continued to strengthen our platform by further aligning our talent and expertise to today’s dominant economic and market sectors.

Build a North American platform and expand coverage in key sectors globally

  • Expanded our product capabilities and invested in talent to help meet client needs at home and abroad.
  • Helped our clients navigate market movements and volatility through proactive advice and trading solutions.
  • Continued to strengthen U.S. coverage and execution capabilities, with a focus on the energy, infrastructure and power and utilities sectors.

Deliver innovation to clients across CIBC

  • Introduced CIBC Air Canada AC Conversion Visa Prepaid Card, a first-of-its-kind in Canada, allowing travellers to purchase and store up to 10 currencies on a single card that can be used at retailers around the globe.
  • Enhanced the no-fee CIBC Global Money Transfer service by adding it to CIBC’s mobile banking app, and by increasing the number of countries to which clients can send money, including the U.S.
  • Launched new training workshops for over 200 client CFOs and finance professionals to enhance their understanding of public capital markets.

Our focus for 2017

We are building a strong, innovative, relationship-oriented bank. To build on our position of strength and accelerate our transformation, we will continue to align our focus in 2017 to CIBC’s three strategic bank-wide priorities of client focus, innovation and simplification. We will do this by:

  • Strengthening and expanding leadership positions in Canada
  • Building a North American platform and expanding coverage in key sectors globally
  • Delivering innovation to clients across CIBC